New Partnership Support

Support through Joint Ventures and Mergers + Acquisition for Optimal Success


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For companies or individuals looking for a joint venture, to acquire a company or other form of collaboration. We facilitate communication between business partners to strengthen long term success.

Knowing the terrain is critical to success. Whether part of a formal process or not, this service can prove extremely useful in building trust and openness, sharing ideas and finding compromises to differing working styles. This service is applicable to any form of collaboration where two or more parties are heading up a process requiring collaboration; whether working together on a specific project or forming a legally-binding partnership.

This service is especially useful to venture capitalists and others who fund joint ventures, when used as an extra level of protection or to form part of a business plan.

Discernment and success: how we help

• Define frameworks for affiliate, collaborative, professional or legal partnerships. Determine individual tolerances for working within each.
• Assess whether candidate parties work together effectively, prior to integration, through examination of individual motivations, values and preferred working methods.
• Work with differing characteristics, find opportunities and create road map for success.
• Integration: define communications best-practices that are protective and productive.
• Facilitate goal setting and planning between teams.