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Enabling professionals to lead their own success through specialist executive coaching.


Thora is a licenced ICCS provider and has several years’ experience in executive coaching. She provides various formats to suit the client, including 2-3 intense half-day sessions in person or shorter sessions via skype.

The Intelligent Career Card Sort, or ICCS®, is based on 15 years of research into contemporary, knowledge based careers. Developed by an international team of developers, work at the cutting edge of both career theory and career consulting practice, the system nurtures the uniqueness of each person’s situation—a singular differentiation, which leads to highly personalised solutions that clients find very useful and easy to implement. However, the service is also demonstrated to be effective, cross-platform, for corporate usage.

There are several package options available. All include on-line exercises, followed by personal sessions, culminating in a road map and action steps to move forward. The sessions are offered world-wide, to individuals, teams and corporately, in person or remotely, or as a combination to suit a client’s needs. Future follow-up sessions are available if desired.


Corporate Offering: Optimising work situations

The ICCS® is ideal for companies that wish to help employees optimise their work situations. Used in this way, the service can assist with:

• Employee progression – helps to clarify preferred options before the next step
• Employee re-alignment following merger, acquisition or other change
• Employee disengagement – to find source of individual discontent
• Employee outplacement – benefitting those who are leaving


Private executive coaching for professionals who want to take ownership of their career

This unique service is ideal for professionals seeking to improve their existing work situation or to clarify the next steps for incremental or fundamental change. The process and outcomes help build focus and direction by helping people crystallise their thoughts on their current and past experiences and formalise their next steps. The service has proven beneficial to professionals who are embarking on transition, such as:

• Internal progression within their organisation
• A business owner thinking of his/her next steps or possibly a joint venture
• A re-location opportunity
• A change of role or different industry
• Ex-pats and spouses who are transitioning, or professionals considering relocation


Notable Outcomes

The ICCS® process helps clients develop insight into themselves, and their past and present choices. This opens opportunities to assess and subsequently align decisions with current motivations, values and priorities. The framework has practical application: it translates newly defined goals into achievable action steps that build each client’s overarching plan to enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying career, as evaluated by them.

Thora was invited to present a webinar to Imperial College alumni. Here, she describes the framework underpinning the ICCS® service, along with a few case studies.