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The Human Element

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Optimising the Human Element in Mergers + Acquisitions

During an acquisition, there are a plethora of issues to plan for and be ironed out, such as unforeseen employee issues and conflict. Our service is diagnostic and aimed at enabling companies develop insight into employee issues during and after re-organisations. We offer objective human element support to companies needing to address issues that staff and talent have – to create stability at various stages of an acquisition. We work in the context of planning, diagnosing, trouble-shooting and information sourcing in a sensitive, purposeful and professional manner.

We have extensive experience in working with teams and individuals as well as the more strategic side of HR integration and planning. We have developed our own services as well as having affiliations with other world-class providers. This enables us to assess requirements and devise the best service for each client scenario – depending on business goals, size and level of integration.
As part of our mission to enhance the human element in mergers and acquisitions and to optimise synergies, we are pleased to offer the following services.


A Snapshot of Offerings

• HR Post-Merger integration
• Enhancing the value of human resources in M+A
• HR Integration Visioning
• Defining HR PMI roadmap and project plan
• Building cultural bridges
• Training in best practice and readiness assessment
• Team Optimisation service – enhancing existing and newly formed teams at board and executive level (link to team optimisation page)
• Coaching stakeholders to integrate successfully – executive coaching
• Individual assessments – access to and experience of several leading tools, including an affiliation with the DNLA developed by the renowned Max Planck Institute. This includes stress management.
• Employee engagement In-depth experience of a career exploration system developed by a leading academic in the field of career progression – also to assist with employee engagement, progression, placement, re-deployment or to assist those seeking new opportunities
Retreats – for boards to enjoy off-site and tranquil surroundings for meetings and for newly-formed teams to enjoy time together in relaxed surroundings post-merger

We have deep experience with a vast array of coaching, interviewing and diagnostic techniques in many sensitive contexts.  We can also provide additional resources for large scale projects at any stage of the M & A process. Our aim is to help minimise conflict and employee turnover, ensure employees are re-engaged and integrate, as well as resolving conflicts and enhancing teams, communications, leadership and functioning. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a confidential discussion and for further information on these and our other M+A services.