Mergers & Acquisitions

The Human Element

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The Human Element in Mergers & Acquisitions

Following an acquisition, there are a plethora of issues to be ironed out, like unforeseen employee issues and conflict. Our service is diagnostic and aimed at helping companies develop insight into employee issues during and after re-organisations. We offer objective, “human element” support to companies and consultancies wanting to address issues that staff and talent have, in order to create stability at any stage of an acquisition. We work in the context of diagnosing, troubleshooting and information sourcing, in a sensitive, purposeful and professional manner.

Our Team Optimisation service is a unique offering which helps teams consolidate and move forward in the best possible way. We are also proud to announce an association with Dr Keith Dunbar who is offering Leadership Risk Assessment, providing valuable insight into collective leadership capabilities to aid M & A integration.

For issues relating to individual employee re-engagement, progression, placement, re-deployment, or where redundancies are inevitable following a merger, the ICCS® Service we offer may prove very helpful. This service is also useful in optimising the working relationship between two or more individuals.

A Snapshot of Offerings

• Sensitive interviewing and diagnostics at any stage of integration
• Acquiring knowledge, post-deal but prior to integration
• Additional resources for troubleshooting, at any stage of the process
• Knowledge mining of individuals, teams and departments to inform redirects on matters of alignment, communications, culture, misinformation, morale and high turnover
• Adapt services to client-side or consultancy-side, in-house or on a consultancy basis
• In-depth reporting of insights
• Corporate, departmental and individual coaching
• Team optimisation Service
• Leadership risk assessment for the collective and individuals
• Individual re-engagement

We have deep experience with a vast array of interviewing techniques, in many sensitive contexts.

We have membership in the British Psychological Society, the Chartered Institute of Management and the Market Research Society. As such, stringent ethical guidelines are followed at all times.

Notable Outcomes

• Avoid or minimise conflict and employee turnover
• Engage and involve employees in change
• Re-engage individuals who are disengaged
• Ease integration and avoid costly mistakes
• Issue resolution crafting and execution
• Optimise team communication and improve functioning
• Enhance leadership capabilities