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Our mission is to enable clients to optimise the outcome of mergers, acquisitions and collaborations—our focus and specialty being on the human element.

Although we specialise in the human element of change, working with boards, management and executive teams and privately with professionals, we are also proud to offer a comprehensive merger and acquisition service – both modular or fully integrated depending on client needs. We work with companies of various sizes and across industries, globally.

Our world-class team is comprised of specialist consultants and advisors with extensive experience in various areas of change management. These include large scale transformations as well as assisting small and medium sized companies with strategy and business decisions.

Our core services include:
• Strategy Visioning and Implementation
• HR Visioning and Integration
• Team Optimisation Service – the jewel in our crown; we developed this service to facilitate communications, action planning and help ease conflict moving forward.
• Individual Assessments – diagnostic interviewing, re-engagement, stress management.
• Retreats – to optimise, enhance and refresh individuals and groups coming together during mergers
• Process and IT Integration; enterprise architecture; maintaining productivity during migration

Our web pages are specifically dedicated to our mergers, acquisitions and collaboration offerings. The other pages focus on our Team Optimisation, executive coaching and retreat services. These offerings are also offered as stand-alone services; however, we are very proud to offer them in the context of our main, merger and acquisition service.


What we bring

Our collective experience and skills include:

• An international team of highly skilled specialists
• Working in and for companies and client of various sizes including Fortune 500
Big 4 consultancy experience
• Working internationally
• Varied and extensive industry experience
• Experience with in-house acquisition integrations
• A strong track record in M+A and transformations
• Experience in turnarounds and distressed acquisitions
• Strategy/Business Architecture and Business Motivation expertise
• IT experience – to include integration of IT infrastructure during M+A
• Experience of HR visioning and maintaining productivity during migrations
• Extensive experience in large scale HR transformations
• Team Optimisation – working with boards and management teams
• Extensive executive coaching experience – working with individuals
• Access to and knowledge of an array of useful employee assessment tools to include engagement, stress management
• Extensive experience in diagnostics, sensitive interviewing and delicate situations
• Academic strength – highly qualified, keeping up with newest thinking and research
• Publications – including trade and academic journals, a book on International Business Partnerships and the Harvard Business Review
• Award winning business associates
• Chartered members of numerous top professional institutes

Thora is an associate of the European Finance Network and affiliated with US based Gottesman Company (one of the world’s leading M&A brokers). She is also a chartered manager (with the Chartered Institute of Management), a member of the MRS and graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

We offer a flexible modular or full service – depending on requirements. Please do contact us to arrange a confidential discussion.

We have a new intern on board. Christian Papp, who is studying investment management at City University in London. His special interest is M+A.

We are also raising awareness of a Social Enterprise which Anwar Haque is setting up; initially in Bangladesh to be followed by other developing countries. If you are interested in joining to support the creation of a new generation of educational institutions starting in Bangladesh with plans of growth to implement the blueprint in other developing countries we would love to hear from you. If you have a few hours available and specialist knowledge and interest, please do get in touch with either Thora or Anwar directly to find out more. Please visit the Associates page for further information on Anwar and his vision for bringing technical knowledge to those less privileged.