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We specialise in the human element of change, working with Boards, management and executive teams and, privately, with professionals. The jewel in our crown is our Team Optimisation service which enhances mergers and acquisitions, business growth, internal re-organisation, the integration of new members into a management group and joint ventures and collaborations. We also offer support and executive coaching to professionals undergoing change. For private clients, we have set up executive retreats in Europe.

We are very proud of our integrated, comprehensive service offering which focuses on the human element as well as the services, processes and technology of change.

As a network of specialists, we are based in the UK, mainland Europe and in the US and offer services world-wide.

As a team, we each have our own specialities. Collectively, we complement each other, bringing together a comprehensive service aimed at helping companies reach their integration, change and acquisition objectives. We have discovered a niche whereby objectives have not always gone to plan, unforeseen hurdles may have occurred, that need ironing out.

We have a strong background in M & A, both from experience, as consultants, and as researchers in the field. Two of us have doctorates on the topic of M & A and have published in books and journals, including in the Harvard Business Review.

We are also proud of our varied and diversified, commercial backgrounds and bring a wealth of insight to projects. We use a variety of leading edge tools and services and have developed our own diagnostics as well. We have experience in the development of services and stay on top of current trends.

The highly specialised team is comprised of Dr. Thora Thorsdottir, Ken Blunt, Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, Trevor Hills, Steve Rigby, Michael Stonehouse and David Callahan.

Thora works with companies and individuals and we are able to offer joint venture and partnership facilitation services as well as executive coaching. New for 2018, Thora has also set up executive retreats with David (an experienced executive coach and actor). These three day experiences are aimed at executives and other professionals, wanting time out to reflect in nature. Currently these will be taking place in Northern Italy (June) and Iceland (October).

With Trevor Hills, Thora developed and offers the Team Optimisation Service, supporting Boards, existing and newly formed management and executive teams to function, help individuals integrate with a new team, as well as optimise the working relationship of existing teams. This can prove very useful, post-merger or following other change.

Our leadership expert, Keith Dunbar, has developed a service around collective leadership assessment pre- and post-merger. This enables companies to assess risk during the due diligence phase but also to help act on the gaps throughout the whole integration phase.

Ken Blunt is a sought after Turnaround specialist and international business and ICT Transformation Programme leader. He brings extensive M & A and change management experience into the fold.

Patrick Walton, an award winning business advisor, has many years’ experience working with companies making successful acquisitions both as a banker and consultant. Trained at Ashridge Management School he has worked with a number of international corporations reviewing UK targets and developing diligence plans that are designed to identify where the value anticipated will be achieved when integration is undertaken.

Both Ken and Trevor are experienced management consultants, in the public and private sectors.

Both Steve and Michael have extensive change management expertise as well as management consulting and National Health Service (NHS) consulting, respectively.

Our mission is to work together as a team to offer a service to maximise acquisition success at any stage of the process but specialising in post-merger optimisation and recovery.

For a confidential discussion and to arrange a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact
Thora Thorsdottir on 07702 383989 (UK) or by email.

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