Team Optimisation

A unique service supporting boards and management teams

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Team Optimisation Service

In collaboration with Trevor Hills Associates, we are very pleased to introduce our distinct Team Optimisation Service.

The service supports Boards and management teams, especially when adjusting to change, enhancing mergers and acquisitions, business growth, internal re-organisations, the integration of new members into a management group and joint ventures or collaborations. By building a culture of mutual trust and transparency, teams knit together to develop collective direction, which helps management groups co-ordinate the delivery of business objectives. This service is also very useful for enabling co-operation between functional teams working in one or multiple locations, globally.

The Team Optimisation Service is beneficial in situations where re-organisation of any kind creates a new group of individuals, as well as where a new individual has joined a management group. The service enables the group to work together to solve the effectiveness question of what works and how.

The Team Optimisation Service enhances:
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Business growth
• Internal re-organisation
• The integration of new members into an existing management group
• Cross-functional and international teams
• Joint ventures and collaborations, or the purchase of a company

The Team Optimisation Service also enables:
• The strengthening of relationships between team leaders across geographical regions
• Executive heads of global teams to work closer together


A Snapshot of Offerings

• The intensive programme provides the scope of a management group, involved in review, analysis and the formation of positive and agreeable shared actions, with supportive follow-up
• A shared group assessment takes into account relevant dimensions and associated factors that facilitate team optimisation
• We examine the initial narrative of the current team circumstances then, through the programme’s stages, jointly create a new narrative and action plan for individuals and the team.


Notable Outcomes

The Team Optimisation Service enables groups to develop productive working relationships succinctly, and ease collaboration, trust and focus. This is accomplished through a modular process highlighting areas of concern prior to, or during change. Providing a safe platform to address potential conflict, the Team Optimisation Service also helps groups align with business objectives.

• The Team Optimisation Service enables teams to bridge differences, clarify the division of management function, avoid silos, identify and smooth glitches and areas of conflict
• Teams are able to move forward quickly and effectively which, in turn, maximises the benefits of planned change or internal re-organisation, culture change, acquisition, merger and other forms of collaboration

The Team Optimisation Service is a structured, in-house service which will save time and resources and can:
• also be offered at alternative locations, depending on client preference, or off-site
• help mitigate potential problems associated with ambiguity, distracting focus and time
• strengthen shared, collective direction and enable participants to take ownership of the process and outcomes
• By way of a committed joint plan of action, teams highlight critical factors—including climate, sharing and the landscape of common knowledge—so as to address ambiguity, reinforce collaboration, enhance focus, and move toward effective direction of functions.