The Human Element. Supporting companies and people in transition.


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Team Optimisation Service

For senior level individuals and teams needing to integrate and plan in a new environment, following a re-organisation or merger.

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The Human Element of M&As

For companies wanting to mitigate and resolve issues to create stability before, during and after merger or acquisition.

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JV & Partnership Facilitation

We facilitate the evaluation of, and communication between, business partners to strengthen long term success.

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Career Diagnostics & Coaching

Ideal for those wanting to improve an existing work situation and to clarify upcoming incremental or fundamental change.

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  • “Thora is a skilled, supportive and encouraging consultant – as you would expect! She deploys the ICCS® framework with great confidence and enthusiasm, bringing the perfect balance of structure and freedom to career exploration. However, what really makes Thora stand out as a career consultant is that she excels at taking a holistic approach – ensuring that both professional and personal realms are incorporated fully in the work we do together. She is generous and attentive, exudes a patient and flexible attitude, and makes sure that I explore fully all that is important to me in my life. I’ve been amazed at how quickly I have become receptive to shifts and opportunities that present themselves. The work so far has been invaluable.”  
    Senior Manager, Medical Research Industry
  • "I met Thora shortly after being made redundant from my job as Head of Accounting where I had worked for nearly 12 years. Through our meetings and a variety of tools provided by Thora I have been able to reassess my career to date as well as prioritise my requirements for the next career step. Thora's very friendly, yet professional personality enabled me to discuss my current situation and enabled me to question my choices in a very honest way."  
    Katarzyna Geen
  • "I've known Thora since 2006 and have always found her to be exceptionally intelligent, thoughtful and kind. Her work with ICCS is very useful for people in all walks of life, and especially for those looking to ensure that their career is a reflection of their most important values and attributes. Thora makes the process enlightening and entertaining, and I highly recommend her."  
    Kerry Guerin, Vancouver, Canada.
  • "Thora's professional services have helped me to focus on how I would like to redirect my career. Her coaching has allowed me to see in a clearer way what I want to aim for in my professional career, what I could be looking for and, finally, to realize what is important for me. To add to that, Thora is a very nice person to talk to, which makes the whole process a very enjoyable one."  
    Pedro Bote Casado
  • "As a client of Thora's whilst at TNS, I have been struck by her consistently diligent approach to research and her strive to provide accurate and pertinent results. Thora's astuteness and collaborative style has always ensured a premium service, providing me with meaningful information to facilitate effective business decisions."  
    Marina Parker, Director PMO, Lightspeed Research
  • "Results oriented, tenacious and versatile, Thora is an analytical team player with a strong commercial emphasis."  
    Jason Cregor, IBM Analytics