Merger + Acquisition Optimisation Services

Optimisation, Stabilisation and Turnaround Services


It has often been cited that between 50 -70% of acquisitions do not live up to expectations. The reasons are many – including the human element, integration issues and lack of synergy.


We believe that merger and acquisition success is influenced by careful management of technology, processes, services and the human element.

Our mission is to enable more successful acquisitions and to enhance the human element. Our team includes highly skilled and experienced transformation consultants, with strong strategic and technical backgrounds. This enables us to offer a fully comprehensive service.


Merger + Acquisition Services

Deal Service
Introductions to search companies, due diligence

Strategy Service
Business design, enterprise architecture and execution

Merger Integration
Planning and execution; maintaining employee productivity throughout migration

Merger Change Optimisation
The human element, business and IT processes and infra-structure, service delivery, stakeholders

Turnaround Service
Restructuring roadmap and implementation, distressed acquisitions

Our specialists offer a fully integrated and/or modular service, depending on requirements. We work alongside clients, enabling them to maximise their change efforts. We tailor our services to suit clients’ specific needs. Clients can involve us at any stage of the transaction to assist with the human element as well as the strategic, business and technical processes.

We work with large and small organisations and have varied industry experience.

Please do contact us for a preliminary confidential discussion regarding your needs and/or to discuss the services further.