Post-Merger Change Optimisation

Optimisation, Stabilisation and Turnaround Services


It has often been cited that between 50-70% of acquisitions do not live up to expectations. The reasons are many – including the human element, integration issues and lack of synergy.


Our team of specialists offers a fully integrated service to help clients maximise their change efforts.

We believe that integration and/or separation success is influenced by careful management of technology, processes, services and the human element.

Ken Blunt, who runs a boutique M&A and Transformation Turnaround consultancy, has developed a reputation for being parachuted in at very short notice to successfully turnaround distressed and stalled private and public sector organisations, ICT/ERP and shared services transformation programmes, mergers and business divestitures and/or separations.

Our fully integrated services are designed to be tailored to specifically support and drive all aspects of implementing and optimising change associated with in-flight or distressed conditions, post merger:
• Mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, private equity, MBO, spin-offs, Angel Investors
• Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing initiatives


We Offer Three Service Levels

Optimisation | Design and Implementation Phase
• Consolidate and maximise human resource performance benefits of proposed change
• Leadership Assessments
• Influencing design and decision making by providing compelling evidence of business processes/ICT/services capability, maturity and readiness for change

Stabilisation and Optimisation | Post-implementation Phase
• Consolidate and maximise human resource performance following change
• Benefits Realisation review of business processes/ICT/Service Delivery

Turnaround and Restructuring | In-flight and Post-integration or Separation Phase
• Programme, project leadership and governance
• Assessment of business processes/ICT/service delivery capability, maturity and root cause analysis
• Turnaround and restructuring roadmap and implementation


Notable Outcomes

We deliver projects on time and on budget. We offer integrated and informed design based on a full understanding of the collective as-is capabilities, risks, interdependencies and readiness for change.

At whichever phase of change and hence the required service level, we help ensure change objectives are reached. The four elements influencing success each have their own notable positive outcomes. Some of the specific areas we help improve as part of the process are listed below.



Human Element

• Non-performance
• Cultural and other conflict
• Team Optimisation (executive, management and other)
• Communication
• Employee dis-engagement
• Leadership


• Integration issues
• Data conflicts
• Security
• Incident Resolution
• Business Continuity
• Cost of Ownership


• Maturity
• Performance / SLAs
• Cost per transaction
• Applications not fit for purpose
• Controls and governance (finance)


• Realistic goal agreement
• Benefits and synergies
• IT system cost of ownership
• Business process cost per transaction
• Cost of service
• Service level performance