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Ken Blunt

Ken Blunt

Ken is a large-scale international business and ICT Transformation Programme leader and Turnaround specialist with over 45 years of business experience. To date, he has been engaged on private and public sector, multi-functional, shared service business transformations, spanning more than 40 countries and 15 international technology company acquisitions.

Ken has also developed a reputation for being parachuted-in at very short notice to turn around distressed and stalled transformation programmes, mergers and business divestitures/separations.

When engaged on turnaround assignments, he has been able to draw on his extensive experience to assess and qualify cultural, business, technology, service delivery, supplier and governance root causes and capability or maturity gaps quickly.

Based on collated evidence, Ken has developed potent skills in steering, influencing, motivating and engaging delivery teams, stakeholders and business leaders to develop and implement essential and pragmatic restructuring actions grounded on best-of-breed technologies, best practices and programme governance that have consistently delivered successful turnaround outcomes.

Ken has contributed significant expertise to Rolls Royce, IBM, SAP, Canon, Siemens, ABB, Avon Cosmetics, Kodak, Anacomp, Deutsche Bank, Bayerische Hypoveriens Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, UK Cabinet Office, Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), Department for Transport DfT), Department for Education, and the Qatar Government.

Ken is Managing Director and Consultant at Palmares Consulting.

David color copy

David Wayne Callahan, B.A., M.F.A.

David is an American coach and facilitator who has developed a reputation as guru of communication and presence. His natural spontaneity and deep love of creative and truthful expression has afforded him a professional experience spanning four countries, ranging from Journalist, to Communications Director, to Professional Actor and Voice Artist, to Transformative Coach.

His unique method, fruit of working as a professional actor for over 25 years, was honed following his exposure to the three principles (known also as the inside out paradigm or health realization) in London in 2013. Distilling his experience into a deeply holistic approach, David has since been helping individual and corporate group clients to become more effective, spontaneous and impactful in their professional and personal lives.

He has contributed his passion and expertise to companies including Barilla, RS Components, Cameron SrL, Elcart SpA, Deutsche Bank, Crédit Agricole and to individual clients from the worlds of politics, medicine, law and art.

David currently lives in Italy, between Milan and his beloved country home in the rolling hills of the pre-Alps where he explores his other great love, that of portrait painting. In his unique style, he aims to capture the soul of the subject sitting before him.

In addition, David has served as a director in the private sector and on Government advisory boards.

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, Ed.D

J. Keith Dunbar provides forward-thinking consulting to senior executives and corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) teams to maximize the probability of successful M&A decisions that meet financial outcomes. Leveraging his groundbreaking research on the role of collective leadership capability in successful M&As, Keith’s unique methodology transforms due diligence and integration by providing a means to mitigate the risks that otherwise limit or cancel out the potential to meet financial growth targets.

Keith is a sought-after, award-winning thought leader, writer, and speaker. The Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors recently named him the 2014 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year for his landmark research, which was also showcased in Harvard Business Review. He shares his insights to translate acquirer and target collective leadership capability strengths and risk areas into applied knowledge to enable business growth through his popular blog, the DNA of Human Capital. He is a frequent speaker at professional conferences and workshops in the areas of transforming M&A HR due diligence, leadership development, enterprise learning, talent management, and human capital development.

Keith earned his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in a joint program between the Graduate School of Education and the Wharton Business School. His dissertation focused on collective leadership capability, and whether leadership behaviors are predictors of M&A success in acquirer and target organisations.

Keith owns Potentious and is an active Consultant.


Trevor Hills

Trevor Hills

Trevor has many years of experience as a successful management consultant and coach to blue chip companies and SMEs. He has also provided productive advice and guidance to both new and established directors and senior managers in negotiating change and challenges. He has also owned two small production businesses.

Trevor has provided an extensive range of business economics, business development and effective employee management, improving firms’ performance by strengthening internal structures and making room for entrepreneurial activity, growth and exploiting profit opportunities.

As well as being a Bachelor of Law, Master of Science and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Trevor is a Member of the Institute of Physics and the IoD. Away from work, he has always been a versatile sportsman and has maintained a wide interest in arts, history and culture.

Trevor owns Trevor Hills & Associates which provides specialized management consulting services.

Steve Rigby

Steve Rigby

Steve Rigby is a Change and Performance Management specialist with a long track record of working at all levels in organisations linking strategy formulation to operational outcomes. Steve has led and managed end-to-end process redesign internationally, working with organisations such as Proudfoot Consulting and AT Kearney. In South Africa he was part of a team which grew two consulting firms to leadership positions in their market.

Steve has over fifteen years of hands on experience of practical Change Management experience and is a subject matter expert in both Lean techniques and Performance management. His main focus has always been to deliver sustainable results and his most recent interest is how to set up and manage internal change management efforts.



Michael Stonehouse

Michael Stonehouse

Michael Stonehouse is a successful turnaround and service improvement specialist who focuses on strategic development, constraints analysis, solutions development, project implementation and management.

Michael specialises in creating stability and focuses on improving service quality at the same time as making sustainable savings and continuous improvements. He bridges the perceived gap between Finance and Operational Staff, the gap that is often one of the biggest barriers to change in organisations and often leads to more indirect costs rather than achieving the desired savings. He ensures Operational Staff are fully involved from beginning to the end of any project to ensure rapid and motivated change that delivers savings and improvements which are sustainable and controlled. He ensures that the developed improvement processes and accompanying management control systems continue effectively long after projects end empowering the staff to continue improvements as part of their normal management routines.

His key skills include; Strategy Design, Business Process Re-engineering, Continuous Improvement through Management Control Systems and Staff Training, Lean Process Design, Reporting Structures, Management Training and Development, Change Management, Contract and Performance Management, Multi-Stakeholder Management, Supply Chain Management, Continuous Productivity and Service Improvements and Organisational Design in both the Public and Private sectors.

Clients have included a number of NHS Trusts such as; Kensington and Chelsea Primary Care Trust, East Kent Hospital NHS Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundations Trust to name a few. Private sector clients have included; Alfred McAlpine Civil Engineering, Honeywell, Consignia, Balfour Beatty, Thames Water and MD Foods and Tesco.


Patrick Walton

Patrick Walton – ACIB, Dip FS, MBA

Patrick has a background in Corporate Finance at BZW and Bank of Scotland where he advised PLCs and large private groups with fund raising and acquisitions. He has worked across the full range of financial instruments be it equity, debt and capital markets.

As part of his corporate finance training he graduated from the Ashridge management School Acquisition planning programme in 1988. This programme provides the candidates with the dynamics of the acquisition process from planning through valuation of the target, diligence (commercial, legal, human and financial) and above all the integration plan to ensure that the valuation is achieved through the performance of the acquired target.

In addition served as a non-executive director in the private sector and on Government advisory boards.