Corporate Retreats and Away Days

We are delighted to offer our business clients retreats—unique experiences in two beautiful locations. We have access to these and if preferred other, idyllic locations depending on client preference. We have partnered with David Callahan to offer clients the option of both purposeful and relaxing retreats, tailoring the content to client specifications. The retreats are offered to both small and large groups of executives and teams and there are several scenarios where this can prove very fruitful and rewarding:

• Teams (management, executive, other) getting to know each other post-change such as during a merger or acquisition and/or cross- functional/cross-regional and international teams. This can serve as a way of enhancing working relationships, getting to know you and/or provide a tranquil and relaxed opportunity to gain insights or resolutions to specific work-related issues
• Allows for purposeful problem solving with ease and insight
• Rest and refreshment after intense negotiations, change and company upheaval
• Offered as a reward to teams – executive, management or company-wide depending on size
• Peaceful off-site locations to get to know each other and ease communication
• Team and individual executive coaching
• Option of group work and team building for motivational purposes
• Explore company/team vision, mission and synergy moving forward
• Ideal also for board level negotiations and due diligence – for off-site meetings, peaceful settings at handy locations (or where geography suits international and cross-border, multi-national teams)




We work with clients on the theme and take-away and can help develop a tailored focus and content where a pre-determined structure is preferred. As an example, the formal part of the retreat experience can include insight-inspiring and purposeful group work, opportunities for executive coaching as well as individual reflective time. We can include lively social time as well as exploring each locale’s captivating places of interest. In addition to practical outcomes and new insights, participants will savour the experience, benefitting also from the experiences each location has to offer.

Please see information, below, on two of the current options we have.

Italy is ideal for the summer months and Iceland for other times of the year. We are also very happy to discuss other locations (within the UK, mainland Europe and globally) or to include city based/less remote locations is preferred.

Please do contact us for further information in confidence; we would be very happy to discuss options for content and locales. Retreats can be incorporated into our other services and/or as a stand-alone offering to corporate and other businesses looking for something unique.


Retreat Venues

South Iceland_nodate

Solheimar Eco-Village

We are delighted to be hosting a retreat in Iceland at Solheimar Ecovillage – a world renowned, sustainable community located in south-west Iceland. Known for its artistic and ecological atmosphere, it is also the birthplace of organic farming in Iceland. During your stay, you will have the chance to learn about the community, environmental sustainability and geothermal energy. One of the goals the Solheimar community strives toward is to create a thriving, self-sustaining society that improves the harmony between human and nature.

During the three day experience, we will visit the Secret Lagoon’s natural hot springs – a magical place in natural surroundings. Refresh in the famed geothermal pools, and enjoy the relaxation from the warm and mineral-rich waters.

Together with the experience of the retreat and take-away, attendees will learn about ecological sustainability, geothermal energy, and explore the astounding countryside.

Northern Italy_nodate

MaryMonti, Canavese

We are delighted to offer retreats in Italy, in the Canavese area of Piedmonte (not far from Turin, Northern Italy). MaryMonti is a rustic privately owned property in the hills, with breath-taking views of a beautiful valley, rolling hills and castles. The location itself is perched on the side of an enormous natural amphitheatre carved out by glaciers. During the retreat, participants can enjoy walks and picnics in this beautiful surrounding. There is also the opportunity to visit a stunning swimming hole, Garavot, which features bracing waters that rush down from the Alps forming a natural swimming area for the more adventurous.

The retreat experience itself will take place at the house and surrounding area, with overnight accommodation nearby. Participants will enjoy meals prepared by Marco La Bianca, a Sicilian artist, gardener and cook who will share his vast knowledge of local plants, edible examples of which will be featured in his dishes. There is also the opportunity of exploring the beautiful countryside and local geographical wonders and to learn about local wine and cheese.