Perfectly Natural Retreats

Today’s professionals are overwhelmed, both in and out of work.

For those contemplating change, grappling with work-related issues, or who are simply looking for time out to recharge, we invite you to join us on a retreat to nourish and refresh. The purpose, theme and take-away will focus on wellbeing, presence and ease. This can benefit you both in and outside of work – for example with regards to decisions, gaining insight and clarity. You will also learn about a very practical yet nourishing way of thinking about your career and work life. In addition, each location will inspire you as you experience nature and a unique culture in beautiful surroundings.

In a quest to offer professionals invigoration and beneficial learnings we have partnered with David Callahan to develop a unique three-day event; combining our respective knowledge and backgrounds from the worlds of business, coaching and the arts, utilising skills and experience found on both sides of the Atlantic.

Choosing idyllic locations, and catering to smaller, intimate groups, Thora and David are offering unique, tranquil retreats, immersed in nature.



Bring your fullest, best self to the front

Join us for an experience that will stimulate your senses and touch your mind; exploring the nature that surrounds us and our own nature that often eludes us.

The formal part of the experience involves learning from our own backgrounds, insight-inspiring group work, unique, creative exercises, and opportunities for one-to-one executive coaching. We balance this with reflective time and lively, social time.

During each retreat, we explore the locale’s captivating places of interest. In addition to practical learnings and new insights, you will savour this experience, benefitting also from the bespoke experiences each location has to offer.  The encounters will be creative and unexpected—sometimes artistic, sometimes thoughtful, always fun and meaningful. Everything we explore will open up space for new insights and discoveries to occur within the mind and heart of each participant in a perfectly natural way.

Please see below for details pertaining to each location and please do get in touch for further information on either retreat, location, content, pricing, accommodation, and to register. We would also be delighted to speak to you.

Retreats Calendar


MaryMonti, Canavese

We are delighted to be hosting a retreat in the Canavese area of Piemonte, Northern Italy (not far from Turin). MaryMonti is a rustic privately owned property in the hills, with breath-taking 180 degree views of a beautiful valley, rolling hills and castles. The location itself is perched on the side of an enormous natural amphitheatre carved out by glaciers. During the retreat, we will be taking walks and enjoying a picnic in this beautiful surrounding. We will also visit a stunning swimming hole, Garavot, that features bracing waters that rush down from the Alps forming a natural swimming area for the more adventurous.

The retreat experience itself will take place at the house and surrounding area, with overnight accommodation nearby. Here you will enjoy meals prepared by Marco La Bianca, a Sicilian artist, gardener and cook who will share his vast knowledge of local plants, edible examples of which will be featured in his dishes.

Together with the experience of the retreat and take-away you will also be exploring the beautiful countryside and local geographical wonders. You will also learn about local wine and cheese and experience culinary delights from an authentic Italian cook.

Solheimar Eco-Village

We are delighted to be hosting a retreat in Iceland at Solheimar Ecovillage – a world renowned, sustainable community located in south-west Iceland. Known for its artistic and ecological atmosphere, it is also the birthplace of organic farming in Iceland. During your stay, you will have the chance to learn about the community, environmental sustainability and geothermal energy. One of the goals the Solheimar community strives toward is to create a thriving, self-sustaining society that improves the harmony between human and nature.

During the three day experience, we will visit the Secret Lagoon’s natural hot springs – a magical place in natural surroundings. Refresh in the famed geothermal pools, and enjoy the relaxation from the warm and mineral-rich waters.

Together with the experience of the retreat and take-away, attendees will learn about ecological sustainability, geothermal energy, and explore the astounding countryside.